Tile Plus Regular

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Premium Grade Tile Mortar

Specially formulated tile mortar for fixing of Non-vitrified ceramic tiles.

  • Possible to apply even
  • Make excellent bonding between tile & substrate.
  • High softness allow user to get maximum adhesive spreading effortlessly.
  • Thin-set tile mortar to install more tiles with lowest adhesive thickness.

Suitable substrate

Concrete (cured at least 28 days)masonry blocks, bricks, cement mortar beds, leveling screeds and waterproofing membrane.

Surface preparation

All substrates should be structurally sound, stable, clean and free of any substance or condition that may reduce or prevent proper adhesion.


Choose all appropriate safety equipment before use

  • Into a clean mixing container, pour about 6-7 of clean potable water
  • Gradually add 25kg of TILE PLUS REGULAR powder while slowly mix
  • Use a low-speed mixing drill(about 300 rpm), with an angled cross-blade mixer or double box mixer. Mix thoroughly until mixture becomes a smooth, homogenous, lump-free paste. Avoid prolonged mixing.
  • Let mixture stand(“slake”) for 10 minutes.
  • Remix and start


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