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The most reliable place to find the best and exclusive tile adhesive solutions in Sri Lanka

Southern House Enterprises PVT LTD, the leading Sri Lankan manufacturer and distributor of tile adhesives, grouts, admixtures and total tile installation materials. We are using state-of-the-art technologies to produce high-grade chemicals and products that are required to the building industry from levelling, plastering, grouting and most exceptional texture. While we offer a great selection of additives and admixtures, we also manufacture and supply superior quality products to fulfill the needs of the building industry. By utilizing the latest technology and proven industry standards, we guarantee to distribute the most suitable and comprehensive tile adhesive solutions to help builders of all level. This allows supply reliable, and carbon footprint reduced products to the construction industry.With our extensive knowledge, experience and unique concepts, we deliver advanced products to suit today’s market demands.

 our vision

To be the top brand and industry leaders in manufacturing and supplying complete chemical solutions for the construction industry.

 our mission

To deliver a full range of high-grade tiling adhesives chemical solutions to builders that is environmental-friendly whenever possible.

 Trusted Brands & cERTIFIED

Our tile grouts and adhesives are well-known for exceptional quality and brand. Our certifications guarantee the quality of our products and brands we release to the industry.

We have been accredited as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. It is a legal requirement for organizations to sell products with authorization while pledging the values of our quality management system. 

By means, customers get the best quality products that can be used without any hesitations

 Product Portfolio

Our product range covers all types of tile fixing agents, including sealants, admixtures, surfacing compounds and priming solutions that are required for builders. Whether it is levelling, fixing, damp prevention or sealing, Southern House Enterprises PVT LTD manufactures and supplies a vast selection of tile adhesive products from its factory to the market. They are the best products builders could rely on for a cost-effective price range.

Southern House Enterprises PVT LTD is specialized in supplying banded Cemento chemical products to builders. We are the authorized company for selling Cemento brand in Sri Lanka. 

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